Monday, May 18, 2009

The Eighteenth Day of May

Our Lady of the Cenacle.

Let us follow our Mother to the Cenacle, and listen to the lessons that she gives us. She receives them from her Divine Son. With Him she converses day and night. She is the sweet and faithful echo of His Heart and His love. Let us love Mary tenderly, labor under her eyes, and pray by her side. Let us be to her tenderly devoted children. By so doing we shall honor Jesus who has given her to us for our Mother, that she may rear us in His love and according to her own life.

Place yourself, then, under Mary’s direction. Think her thoughts, speak her words, imitate her manners, perform her actions, tell her love, share her sufferings and all in her will speak to you of Jesus, the greatest service to Jesus, the greatest glory of God!

Honor in Mary, at the foot of the tabernacle, all the mysteries of her life. All were stations leading to the Cenacle.

Find in her life in the Cenacle the model and the consolation of your own life. True, in the Cenacle, this august Queen kneels as adoratrix and servant of the Blessed Sacrament. Kneel at your Mother’s side, adore and pray with her, and you will thus continue her Eucharistic life on earth.

When you go to Holy Communion, clothe yourself with the virtues and merits of Mary, your Mother, and you will communicate with her faith and her heart. O how happy Jesus would be to find in you the image of His sweet and holy Mother!

When you labor for the Eucharistic adoration, unite with Mary’s intention and joy when working for Jesus in the Sacrament, and you will be happy.

O how Mary will love you if you serve her Jesus well! How she will protect you if you labor only for the glory of Jesus! How she will enrich you if you live only for the love of Jesus! You will render her still more a Mother, since you enable her more perfectly to discharge her mission as Mother of the adorers of Jesus.

But be modest like her. Remember her modestly in the angel’s presence, and reflect with what modesty she served her Son in the Sacrament.

Be pure like Mary. Remember that, to guard the flower of her virginity, she would have refused even the glory of the divine maternity.

Be humble like Mary, entirely lost in her own nothingness, entirely abandoned to God s grace.

Be sweet and amiable like Mary. Mary was the expression of the sweetness of the Heart of Jesus.

Be devoted like Mary. Mary loved even to Calvary. She loved even to death. It was on Calvary that she became the Mother of love. It is there that you will become a true adorer, worthy of the Cenacle, worthy of Jesus and Mary.

Practice: Labor zealously for the adornment of the Eucharistic altars, particularly for those of poor churches.

Aspiration: The Lord, Mary, has adorned thee as the tabernacle of His choice, and Jesus in the Host has made it His delight to dwell in thee!

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