Monday, June 30, 2008

The Thirtieth Day of June

The Three Hearts,

Let us, Christians, terminate the devotions of the month of June by a meditation on the wonders of the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that triple abyss of perfection and graces. Let us contemplate these three Hearts so closely united at Bethlehem, in Egypt, and at Nazareth; they were animated with the same thoughts and the same feelings, the same tastes and aspirations. Never has there been, nor could there ever be amongst three Hearts, so perfect an understanding, so deep a sympathy, so absolute a resemblance. If it is said of the first Christians that they had but one heart and one soul, (Acts, iv. 32); with how much greater reason may it not be said of the only Son of Mary, of His Holy Mother, and of His tender foster father! Contemplate these three perfect Hearts: that of Jesus is the Heart of a God, the tabernacle where resides the Majesty of the Most High; that of Mary is the cradle of love, where an Infant God reposed, and the pure and fruitful source from which He drew His life. And what must not have been the merits, the virtues and perfections acquired by the Heart of Joseph during the thirty years of unceasing contact and intimacy with the Sacred Heart of Jesus? He could indeed exclaim with truth what fervent souls love to repeat: "At all times and in all places, I possess the God of my heart and the Sacred Heart of my God." Reflect on these three loving Hearts; they loved God more than all the Saints together they love us also more than all our relatives and friends on earth, more than all the blessed in Heaven. No one is excluded, rich or poor, just or sinner; each has a place in these Hearts burning with love. They love us in our joys and in our sorrows, in our triumphs and in our tears; they love us tenderly, they love us always, in life and in death.

Christians, your Savior tells you that "what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder" (Mark, x. 9). In His divine plan, God united intimately the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph; let us, therefore, never separate them in our hearts. When adoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus, let us also bless and venerate the holy Hearts of His Mother and His foster-father Joseph; since they love us so tenderly, let us invoke them with confidence, and say often:

Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Heart like to the Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
Heart of Joseph, always faithful to Jesus and Mary, intercede for us.

And when the awful moment comes for each of us, when the soul passes from this tabernacle of earth to its eternal home, may the last words on our lips and in our hearts be those cherished names, Jesus! Mary! Joseph!


A pious lady who died in 1860, at the age of thirty-two years, had a great devotion to the most holy Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. She took a particular pleasure in often invoking the names of the Holy Family, and in teaching them to her little child when seated on her knee. In her joys and sorrows, she never wearied repeating the holy aspirations: Jesus, Mary, Joseph. Many a time were tears of devotion seen to fill her eyes whilst she pronounced those blessed names. She appeared then in a sort of ecstasy, and her heart was inflamed with devotion to the Holy Family, whom she wished, she used to say, to love in the name of all hearts. During a long and painful illness with which she was seized, she frequently cried out: "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, when I have suffered sufficiently, call me to you." Towards the end, being scarcely able to speak, she breathed but one name: "Jesus, Jesus." That name was her great consolation, her last cry of hope and farewell. At length, after a lingering martyrdom, she gently expired, her hand on the head of her child to bless it, her eyes raised to heaven and the name of Jesus on her lips. O beautiful and precious death! O ever blessed names, Jesus, Mary, Joseph! O Hearts burning with love and tenderness!


Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, assist me in my last agony.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, may I breathe forth my soul in peace with you.


Recommend yourself frequently to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in life that they may be at your side in the moment of death.

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