Friday, June 5, 2009

The Fifth Day of June

Of the Nobility and Excellence of the Heart of Jesus.

"I remark several prerogatives of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which may help us to understand its excellence and nobility.

"The Heart of Jesus is animated by the most beauteous soul that God ever drew forth from His treasures. This beauteous soul brought to it from the first moment of their holy alliance, all the riches of grace and glory, and from that moment inspired it with movements so generous, inclinations so noble, qualities so royal, that there is nothing in all other hearts together that can be compared to them. We shall find none that has loved us so much, or that has compassionated our miseries so tenderly, or that has conceived designs so great and so advantageous for us, or, in fine, that has felt such joy at our good" (Nouet).

"Though the hearts of all men should be closed against you, yet do not be troubled, for the Heart of Jesus will always be faithful and open to you." (Lanspergius).

Yes, my Lord Jesus I though the enemies of my soul should range their legions against me, sheltered within Thy Heart mine can never fear; though the combat should thicken, my confidence in Thy Heart shall make me come forth victorious; though I should even have one foot in hell, still would I hope in Thy Heart. Si consistant adversum me castra, non timebit cor meum, si exurgat adversus me praelium, in hoc ego sperabo (Ps. xxvi. 3).

The Heart of Jesus is holy with the sanctity of God Himself; every movement, then, of the Sacred Heart, every sigh, every affection, every request, every action, every desire, as the dignity of His Person demands, becomes infinite in price and value. It is just, then, that it should be honored by a worship peculiar to itself, for in honoring it we honor His divine Person.

It is within the Heart of Jesus that all the designs of our salvation were conceived, and it is by the love of this same Heart that those designs have been executed. I may truly say that it is to this amiable Heart that I am indebted for every favor, which I owe to each part of His Sacred Body, in the work of my salvation; It is the Heart of Jesus which wept by His eyes over the tomb of Lazarus, and the city of Jerusalem, sad emblems of the piteous condition to which the world was reduced before His Passion, and to which it will be reduced at the consummation of ages; it healed the sick, and raised the dead, by the touch of His sacred hands; it was His Sacred Heart that guided every step, and directed every journey of this good Shepherd in search of His lost sheep; it forced that bloody sweat from every part of His Body in the garden of olives; it trembled in all His limbs, and cried aloud upon the cross with a voice so mighty, that it shook the earth, and penetrated the heavens, where He was heard for His reverence. Exauditus est pro sua reverentia (Heb. v. 7) (Nouet).

What worship, then, what love do we not owe to this Heart, through which every good has come to us! If the heart of an Augustine, a Francis of Sales, an Aloysius, a Theresa, were presented to our veneration, how lively would be our faith, how fervent our love! But here we have the Heart of Jesus, that Heart compared with which all others are but imperfection; that Heart which has ever beat, and still beats for our happiness, is really present in His sacrament of love. And shall we remain cold and insensible? No, Lord, no! I believe, I adore, I love; but do Thou increase my
faith and love!

St. Clare never allowed a day to pass without saluting the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and paying her homage to it with extraordinary care and diligence; and God, to recompense the fervor of His humble servant, never failed whilst she was engaged in this holy exercise, to fill her soul with the purest delights.

Practice: Imitate the conduct of St. Clare, and never allow a single day to pass without honoring the Heart of Jesus.

Ejaculatory Prayer: I will sleep and rest in peace in Thy Heart, O Jesus! In pace in idipsum dormiam et requiescam (Ps. iv. 9).

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

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