Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Seventeenth Day of June

The Heart of Jesus Is an Unfailing Remedy Against Every Malady of Our Souls, Whatever May Be Their Disposition.

The Heart of Jesus is an abyss of wisdom. It is the fuhiess of every good. You will find in it a sure remedy for all the evils of your soul. Above all, it is an abyss of love in which we should lose every other love, especially the love of self, with its evil fruits, human respect, the desire of raising ourselves, and the love of our own satisfaction. It is by burying these inclinations in this abyss of divine love, that you will find every assistance you may require, according to the different states of your soul.

"Are you in an abyss of aridity and helplessness? Go plunge yourself into the Heart of Jesus Christ, that abyss of power and love. But do not be too eager to taste the sweetness of that love, except when it shall please Him to impart it to you.

"Are you in an abyss of privation and desolation? This Divine Heart is an abyss of every consolation in which we must lose ourselves, though without desiring to feel its sweetness.

"Are you in an abyss of poverty, and stripped of everything? Plunge yourself into the Heart of Jesus; it is filled with treasures, and will enrich you, if you leave it to do with you as it pleases.

"Are you in an abyss of weakness and miseries? Go to the Heart of Jesus; it is an abyss of mercy and strength, and will raise you up and strengthen you.

"Do you feel within yourself an abyss of pride and self-esteem? Bury it at once in the profound self-annihilation of the Heart of Jesus; This humble Heart is an abyss of humility.

"Are you in an abyss of ignorance and darkness? The Heart of Jesus is an abyss of knowledge and light. Learn, above all things, to love it, and never do anything but what it wishes of you.

"Are you in an abyss of infidelity and inconstancy? The Heart of Jesus is an abyss of constancy and fidelity. Plunge yourself therein and you will find in it a love that loves us constantly and constantly does us good.

"Do you find yourself buried, as it were, in death? Go to the Heart of Jesus. You will find there an abyss of life, a new life, in which, from henceforth, you will see but with the eyes of Jesus Christ, act only by His movements, speak only with His tongue, and love only with His Heart.

"Do you find yourself in an abyss of ingratitude? the Heart of Jesus is an abyss of thankfulness. Draw from its depths all that you would fain offer to God, for all the blessings you have received, and beg of Jesus to supply for you out of His abundance.

"Do you find yourself in an abyss of agitation, impatience, and anger? Go to the Heart of Jesus. It is an abyss of gentleness.

"Are you in an abyss of dissipntion and distraction? You will find in the Heart of Jesus an abyss of recollection and fervor which will supply for all your deficiencies and fix your heart and imagination by uniting them to Him.

"Are you plunged in an abyss of sadness? Bury this sadness itself in the Heart of Jesus, for it is an abyss of heavenly joy and the treasure of delight to saints and angels.

"Are you troubled and uneasy? This divine Heart is an abyss of peace, and this peace will be communicated to you.

"When you are in an abyss of bitterness and sufferings, unite them to the abyss of the infinite sufferings of the Heart of Jesus and you will learn from Him to suffer, and to be happy in suffering.

"If you are in an abyss of fear, the Heart of Jesus is an abyss of confidence and love. Abandon yourself to it. In it you will learn that fear should give place to love.

"In fine, on every occasion and under every circumstance, plunge yourself into this abyss of love and charity, and, if possible, never more quit it until, like iron in the furnace, you are penetrated with the fire "with which this Heart bums for God and man" (St. Margaret Mary).

St. Mechtild, while absorbed one day in God, beheld in spirit Charity under the form of a virgin, who dipped a diamond in the Heart of Jesus Christ and frequently repeated the action in order to give her to understand that there is no heart, however hard and impenitent, which the Heart of Jesus will not soften to contrition. Though our hearts should be as hard as the diamond, they will be softened by being steeped in the blood of the spotless Lamb and by being united to the Heart of Jesus.

Practice: Never allow yourself to fall into discouragement however strong may be your natural inclinations or however great your faults. Call to mind immediately that you have at your disposal the merits of the Heart of Jesus to make reparation for them all. Cast yourself into this Heart which is ever open to receive even the greatest sinners and say to Him: Ah, Lord, may the deep abyss of my miseries call upon the abyss of Your mercies, for You have said by the Prophet, that deep calls on deep. Abyssus abyssum invocat (Ps. xli. 8). It would be as impossible for a spark of fire to fall into the sea without being extinguished as for our fault not to be effaced by this means. It is only in hell that there is no longer hope in the Heart of Jesus. As long as we are in this life, He invites and calls us to Him, however ungrateful we may have been.

Ejaculatory Prayer: O Heart of Jesus! Thou shalt be my hope in trouble, and a refreshing shade against the burning heat of my passions. Spes a turbine, umbraculum ab aestu (Is. xxv. 4).

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

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