Friday, March 6, 2009

A Note to Readers

I want to thank all those who have sent notes or commented on the Lenten Meditations. It is important for me to know that they are of use and are helping you to further your prayer and spiritual life. They are the work of an unnamed Jesuit priest which I have edited and amended for current English usage and grammer as well as development of the points which are at times rather sketchy.

Rarely will you find on this blog a request for prayers or any commentary. That is not the concern of Evening Devotions. However, at times there are situations that, in my opinion, do need to be brought to your attention. There are two of which I am thinking.

1. Pray each day for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict. Of late he is being attacked on all sides for standing up for the truthes of our Holy Faith and for doing what is truly just and right. Many of those who attack and speak out against him are Catholic bishops and priests who have sold themselves to the court of public opinion and the movement of the politically correct. Pray also for them.

2. Pray for those bishops and priests who are loyal sons of the Church and work tirelessly in obedience to the Holy Father to uphold the Faith. They are the men who are attacked in such "Catholic" publications as the National Catholic Reporter or The Tablet. I am thinking particularly of great men like Bishop Martino of Scranton and Fr. Finigan, Parish Priest of Blackfen, among many others.

As Catholics we are obliged to stand up for the truth of the Faith, not tout theological opinions. Unfortunately we have been fed so much garbage in the past 40 years it can be difficult to discern the wheat of truth from the chaff to be discarded burned in the fire. Therefore, pray also to the Holy Ghost for his gifts that you may know the truth.

Fr. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R.

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Micki said...

Thank you for your heartfelt words. I will step-up my prayers for our Holy Father and for all priests. I do appreciate the time you put in to bring us these devotions and your words. God bless.