Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday of the Second Week in Lent

Again on the Outrages that Our Lord Received in the House of Caiphas


The high priest solemnly entreated Jesus, in the name of God, to say whether he was truly the Son of God. Jesus answered that he was. Caiphas, upon hearing this, rather than prostrating himself in adoration of his God, rent his garments and, turning to the other priests said, "‘What more need have we of witnesses? Behold, you have heard his blasphemy: what is your opinion?’ And they responded, saying, ‘He is guilty of death’" (Matt. 26:65-66).

I proclaim that Jesus is the Son of God and yet, like Caiphas, I do not adore, do not love him as I ought. Rather than adoring my God who gave his life for me on the cross I set up false gods around which I center my life. Whatever is more important to me than my loving Redeemer is an idol that I worship and adore.


All those present began to spit in Jesus face and to abuse him. They slapped him with their hands and struck him with their fists. Not satisfied with this, they tied a cloth over his adorable face and ridiculed him saying, "Prophesy to us. Who struck you?" And all this Jesus suffered in silence and humility to pay the penalty of the insults that I have offered to God my heavenly Father.


It is my sins and insults that Jesus suffered at the hands of the priests and soldiers. Whenever I have blasphemed or worshiped the false gods of power, money, social position, self-love, or pride I have joined the ranks of Caiphas and his cohort. But despite this, Jesus lovingly waits for me to put aside my idols and adore God alone.

Resolution: I will list those things that are idols in my life so that I can put them in their proper place and make Jesus Christ my one only God.

Prayer: Behold thyself, O my Jesus, become the butt of jokes and mockery. How can men see thee in such humiliation for love of them and not love thee? And how have I been able to go so far as to outrage thee by so many sins knowing that thou hast suffered so much for me? Forgive me, O my love. I will not displease thee again. I love thee above all things who art my supreme Good, and I repent above every other evil of having despised thee and turned away from thee. O Mary, my Mother, beg thy ill-treated Son to pardon me.
Adapted from a meditation of St. Alphonsus Liguori by J. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R.

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