Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

On the Death of Jesus Christ.


Jesus died: who will fear death? Having died for us, who will refuse to die for him? In his death he was consumed with grief: who will desire to die without suffering? By his death he redeemed us: who will serve any other master? He died for our sins: who will not endeavor to destroy and overcome sin?

Oh Good Shepherd, thou hast given thy life for thy sheep. Oh High Priest of the New Law, truly hast thou immolated thyself for the salvation of thy people. Oh divine Lord, thou hast indeed taught us from the cross how great an evil sin is since it caused thee to die; and how great thy love is for us which cost the life of the Son of God.


Children of men, will you always be ungrateful, always blind? Do you know the sacrifice that was paid for you? Do you know what you owe? You owe your life to the Son of God who has given his for you. What injustice, then, to give it to the world, the flesh, and the devil, which are your most deadly enemies. Did the enemy of souls die for you? Did the prince of this world and concupiscence shed their blood for you? Have they ever done you good? Can they ever do you good? Can they love you? Have they a heaven to offer you? My brethren, you belong, not to yourselves, but to him who in dying for you paid an infinite price for your salvation.

Resolution: Jesus died for me. I will live for him.

Prayer: Oh, Jesus my Savior, let me die with thee, for thee, and like thee. I forgive all my enemies and hope humbly thou wilt be favorable to me. Accept my desires and graciously give me admittance into Paradise as thou didst the penitent thief. I declare myself a child and servant of thy holy Mother. Recommend me to her as thou didst thy beloved disciple, and desire her to take care of me at the hour of my death. And I implore thee, oh blessed Jesus, by thy abandonment on the cross, do not leave me when all the world abandons me. Sustain my spirit by thy grace, when the strength of my body fails. Give me a great thirst and desire for Paradise. Cast thy eyes on the poor victim, who is consumed with grief and suffering.

Oh my Father, I abandon my spirit to thee. I unite my last hour to that of thy divine Son. I wish to honor thee by the sacrifice of my life. I accept death, in acknowledgment of all the blessings I have received from thee. I accept it to satisfy thy justice which I have so often irritated. I accept it willingly as an expression of my love and obedience. I accept it that I may enjoy the bliss of possessing and beholding thee. Finally, I accept it to honor thy Son and his most holy Mother, and to drink the same chalice which they have drained.

By a Member of the Society of Jesus, edited and amended by J. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R.


Prayerflowers said...

Fr. Scott
Thank you for showing us the way today. What a heartfelt prayer. The holy cards shows such a tenderness. I truly love this prayer. God bless you Father.

Micki said...

A blessed and holy Easter to you Fr. Scott.
Your entire Lenten journey was wonderful. It truly represents lots of work on your part. I was blessed to read it. Thanks.